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Various websites and blogs much mengekspostnya, What is that makes it so popular ..? As great as this virus ... what the heck? How did he get the attention of the virus analysts worldwide.?.
Is your computer infected with viruses or blog Conficker? Not surprisingly, the rate of spread of the virus is indeed remarkable.
Some sources say that more than 15 million PCs around the world have been infected by this virus.
And this number is growing increasingly, it's no wonder if the Lord of the virus is sought by the FBI.
Unlike most viruses that are in Portable Executable} {EXE, DLL format virus or Dynamic Link Library.
The file name and extension are changing the Polymorphic ubah.Sifatnya makes it very difficult to guess, and again in size also varied with ter-pack conditions using UPX or not.
Various advanced technologies it carried the virus from encryption techniques, exploits operating system, file protection and registration, Fire hooking, automatic updates to its amazing technique.
And it was also attacked on the BLOGGER sometimes characterized in our templates
can not keep GADGED that we will add.
Well for all of that here I share an anti-virus that will link mengKILL whole threat of Conficker virus ..!


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